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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Powder Coated Aluminum Picket Rails from Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd.

One of the best ways to upgrade your outdoor space is through railing replacement. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of your property, but it also improves safety. If you're looking for a reliable company in Calgary for your railing needs, Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd. is the answer. Their powder coated aluminum picket rails offer durability and style, making them the top choice in the market.

Reasons why you should choose aluminum railings from Heritage Deck and Rail Ltd. :

1. Durability and Protection

One of the most significant advantages of powder coated aluminum rails is durability. The powder coat finish protects the material from harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain, and snow. This type of finish also resists scratching and fading, providing a long-lasting, low maintenance solution for your outdoor space. What's more, the aluminum material used in making the rails is not susceptible to rotting or warping, unlike wood railings.

2. Style and Versatility

Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd.'s powder coated aluminum picket rails come in various colours, giving you the flexibility to choose a design that fits your home's style and aesthetic. Whether you want a modern look or a classic touch, they have the right colour and design for you. These rails can also be customized to fit any size or height, making them a perfect choice for homes, condo buildings, and commercial properties.

3. Engineered for Building Code Compliance

When it comes to safety, it's essential to ensure that your railing complies with local building codes. Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd. prioritizes safety and quality in their products, and that's why their powder coated aluminum picket rails are engineered to meet and exceed building code requirements. You can rest assured that your family and guests are in safe hands with Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd.'s aluminum railing solutions.

4. Affordable and Cost-effective

Compared to other railing materials, powder coated aluminum picket rails are more affordable and cost-effective in the long run. They require less maintenance, which means you'll save money on repairs and replacements. Additionally, the durability and quality of the material also reduce the costs of future maintenance and replacements.

5. Expert Installation and Professional Services

At Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd., they provide expert installation and professional services for their railing solutions. Their team of experienced professionals ensures that the rails are installed correctly and efficiently. They also offer after-sales service, ensuring that clients are satisfied with their products and services.


In conclusion, upgrading your outdoor space with powder coated aluminum picket rails from Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd. is an excellent choice. Their rails offer durability, style, and compliance with building codes, making them the ultimate solution for any property owner. With their affordability, expert installation, and professional services, you are guaranteed value for your money. Upgrade your home's safety and aesthetics today by choosing Heritage Deck And Rail Ltd.'s powder coated aluminum picket rails.

Call us today for a free estimate on your new aluminum railings. 403-999-2944

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